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  1. Digga | Foo Fort

    Grid Tower 1

    dm_grid_tower is a map where 2 teams will fight off in a never ending battle between two sides, the red grid, and the blue grid, all while in the middle stands the ultimate intimidating gridtower this map took 8 hours to make, 3 of those hours were exhuastion and pain, i am pretty sure i will...
  2. Tang

    dm_hightower a1v2

    Rat Tower Yes IK LDR is broke dont fb it
  3. Cuasi

    Thightower 2021-09-23

    It's hightower, but the textures have been replaced with thighs, because thightower kinda sounds like hightower. i regret this deeply. also complicit in this sin is Rosa, she converted all the textures to .vtfs. You can find her on steam here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/RosalinaRosa
  4. Spunkʸ

    cp_hightower_clusterfuck_final 2020-05-08

    Hightower with 7 control points, because I can. It's a shitpost of a map with actual functionality. The middle three control points must all be captured before the last two are available for capture. As soon as one of the last two control points are captured, the middle three become locked...
  5. Spunkʸ

    plr_hightower_revamp_final 2020-05-08

    My vision of a better hightower, built for deathmatch and fun.
  6. CreativeC


    Hi, I would like to modify plr_hightower to make it a Special Delivery map but my computer isn't powerful enough to compile swf vmf files (even with Compile Pal) and host a server so I can't even test it. Could someone apply these modifications to Hightower ? : I was wondering to make the map...
  7. sz(k)

    Crime Scene 2022-08-21

    This is my first summer jam so i wanted to make something easier. There are 2 easter eggs. Enjoy!
  8. Dot

    (MATH) Help me measure Hightower

    Hello there, I refently got assigned a project that requires me to measure something fictional. The Professor gave us an example regarding Star Wars. My idea was to measure TF2’s iconic Hightower and then calculate how much of the map you could see in miles. Anybody know the formulas and the...
  9. Capitan $teamer

    Cart fight [SFM Poster] 2017-02-11

    Poster made in about 9 hours, I'm new in this program but I still encouraged myself to do it for my favorite game.
  10. Blazz

    Tryhards in Hightower 2017-02-10

    Hi All' This is my entry to the TF2Maps Jam (Made with Gmod) (Based on a True Story)
  11. chadraptor

    72hr Don't be shy... give a high five! [re-upload] 2.1

    This is a re-upload because of the complications that happened with the website. Version 1.0 and 2.0 are in download. Here are the update notes: Version 2.1 Now you can download version 1.0 and 2.0 at the same time!;) Version 2.0 This is the second version (2.0) of my...
  12. {WR} ◢◤Sixten◢◤

    72hr A Normal Day On Hightower 1

    Hi everyone - Here's a little entry i've made for the 72hr TF2Jam (It's a picture, not a big deal) The website wasn't accepting the picture file ( The following error occurred The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension. TF2 72hr Jam.png I tried with another formats, but still, it...