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72hr Don't be shy... give a high five! [re-upload] 2.1

A poster of two pyros high-fiving for the 72 hour jam.

  1. chadraptor
    This is a re-upload because of the complications that happened with the website. Version 1.0 and 2.0 are in download.
    Here are the update notes:

    Version 2.1
    Now you can download version 1.0 and 2.0 at the same time!;)
    Version 2.0
    This is the second version (2.0) of my "Don't be shy... give a high five!" poster for the 72 hour jam. It's two pyros high fiving with text reading: "Don't be shy... give a high five!" :)
    -Re-made in SFM with much better graphics settings
    -image resolution is now 1920x1080
    -slight pose changes
    -changed map from highpass to hightower (clicked wrong one in SFM but who cares lol)
    -changed the cosmetics (red pyro is firefighter themed and blu pyro is winter themed)
    -Blu pyro has a flare gun which he may use to betray the red pyro
    -Removed mystery heavy from background

    Version 1.0
    I made a poster of two pyros high fiving on koth_highpass.
    I also added text reading:
    Don't be shy...
    Give a high five!

    Hope you enjoy!:)


    1. don't be shy give a high five 2.0 re upload.png
    2. don't be shy give a high five 1.0 re upload.png