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  1. Ovalos™

    pd_helium A2

    Player destruction map set inside a zepelin gondola, the pickups are australium bars. The point is some sort of platform that lowers when enabled and starts burning right as it goes away, I know this makes no sense but I thought it'd be fun so what the hell. This map was made for the Pick it Up...
  2. Rubber Soul

    Aerocondense A1

    This is my first working TF2 map I've created that actually works as a gamemode. As you can see, I attempted at making an aircraft map (it doesn't really look like one at the moment) and you will definitely die if you walk off it. There are walls (surprised?) to prevent pyros from...
  3. N

    Overtopolis A5

    You can play this map 24/7 on my server. IP: Welcome to the grand city of Overtopolis! A sprawling Team Deathmatch map that will send you plummeting to you death laughing a thousand times! To score points on Overtopolis, kill players or capture the opposing team's control...
  4. AlphaOwl

    Help! Payload Cart under map!

    I'm currently working on a payload map, and I believe I've put in all the correct outputs and properties, but somehow my payload cart spawns below my map. Any suggestions? I'm currently stuck, and I would like to troubleshoot this before progressing my map.
  5. Sorcerer of Soup

    72hr Flying Engie