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  1. Meebas

    VSH Pencil Ravine 1.1

    It's like when you look into a bucket of pencils and kind of imagine what it'd be like to be tiny mercenaries fighting a boss This map features a narrow, staggering landscape. It is adorned with lots of fun colored pencil walls, and rubber playroom floors. There are features like fall...
  2. Nobo

    Planktown a4

    VSH map in a sawmill/thunder mountain inspired style. Features: Map Hazard - Mannhattan Styled Grinder, deals 2k-3k dmg and, if the hale falls in, breaks for the remainder of the round. Pickups - Follows a more liberal approach to pickup distribution. Considerably more generous than arena...
  3. mintoyatsu

    vsh_mariokart v5

    This is a new unique map designed for the VSH gamemode and is not a port. Tested with VSH2 plugin and default bosses. Map Credits: Xenon - Textures Archanor - Textures, Models
  4. blackout #72hourjam

    vsh_abandoned_facility A1

    A facility once used to house yetis, transport goods, and hold tons of military weaponry, has now been abandoned for years. Now it's your turn to take control of the facility and beat those darn bosses who currently rule it!
  5. Gunslinger_

    Acoustic A1

    Acoustic is a compact VSH (Versus Saxton Hale) map made as a first test for the Panda Community servers, along with something new and a bit interesting for VSH and FF2 (Freak Fortress 2) servers to experience. The map has no intentions of being used for the actual Arena gamemode, and was...