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  1. Shad0mic

    Meet the mini mercenaries

    Shad0mic submitted a new resource: Meet the mini mercenaires - All the TF2 merc pising but.... it's cute Read more about this resource...
  2. Shad0mic

    Meet the mini mercenaries v01

    Couple years ago, I started developing a cute/big eyes/cartoon style. I decided to put it to use and make a nice TF2 drawing with it! I hope you like it :D
  3. MantaMagnolia

    The Rettungsschwimmer 2022-07-25

    Don't worry, Medic is here to guard your life! Drowned bodies are hard to experiment on after all!
  4. Recyclops

    Cooking Pyro! 7/24/2022

    A drawing I made of Pyro doing some cooking in a pot. Might turn this into a taunt concept, haha. https://steamcommunity.com/id/HalfAsleepHeroine/
  5. Darix

    Drawing of baby hoovy with a lollipop 1

    Hey as I am not very talented when it comes to doing anything in SFM or GMOD or making anything else i just decided to draw a silly little hoovy which stuck with me since back when meet the pyro came out so here you go.
  6. Hoka

    snoipah 2022-07-24

    Decided to draw sniper for the jam as his the one merc i haven't drawn here's my steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/potholesafari/
  7. Afterburnist

    Green pyro drawing N/A

    First time participating in the Jam! It was fun
  8. DeathZac

    The Pyro 1.0

    This is just some Art I made for the event. It features the pyro and its view of the world when it burns it all down. It isn't amazing, but it's there for fun!
  9. LaserDisc_

    Godspeed you magnificent basterd!

    LaserDisc_ submitted a new resource: Godspeed you magnificent basterd! - Simply put, an attempt was made to recreate my favorite taunt and character Read more about this resource...
  10. LaserDisc_

    Godspeed you magnificent basterd! 2022-07-22

    I tried to draw my favorite character doing my favorite taunt :D It took me around 3 hours, i started somewhere in the beginning of the Jam stream Enjoy!
  11. | SEMA |

    My creation 2022-07-22

    my drawing of a medic
  12. POTATO ( или бульба )

    Happy Heavy 2022-07-22

    What will you do if you burn? Heavy doesn't even think about it, because he always has a banana that will cure him ;)
  13. Shitass quicksell.store

    drawing for 72H jam 2021-12-20

    *pootis bird finds himself being watched
  14. Bakevv

    Heavy Weapons Guy A1

    I drew my heavy lodaout :)
  15. O

    Nope Engie Nope 2021-12-20

    Drew this small illustration for the 72-Hour Jam! It took around four hours, but I enjoyed the whole drawing process. Btw, I love engie :3 Profile: Oji https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063286445/
  16. ClankoreTheGreat

    Habits are easy to make, but hard to get rid of 1

    Filled with bloodlust after trampling over the red team, Spy runs in to their spawn to find any post-round kills; and despite reds filling the back of the room, hiding in corners, red Medic's cross gleams through Red's fearful posture. He dives, as he follows his habit of always dropping the...
  17. @Psycho on Steam

    Santa Soldier 2021-12-19

    A black and white portrait I made of Santa holding a festive rocket launcher at the North Pole.
  18. Mysterynoodler

    Pyro TF2 2021-12-18

    I used Krita to make a Pyro drawing with thick outlines and decided to give it a glow effect around the eyes because it makes the image pop more I suppose. It was pretty fun to make. Feel free to use it as a profile picture or something, lol.
  19. stan

    Jam Time!! 2021-12-18

    Drawing i made for the 72hr Jam entry.
  20. amasterfuljuice

    who is joe?!?!?!? (gone sus) 2021-12-18

    created another pictif in ms paint. was bored