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  1. Dadema

    After Dark A2

    A symmetrical, 5 CP map set in a tropical environment.
  2. Dadema

    Camp a1

    A 5cp map set on an island in autumn.
  3. Dadema

    TF2Maps Desktop Tool

    Over the last few days I have been working on a kind of tool for Windows, the TF2Maps Desktop Tool. This is a small program where you have useful links to the a few websites that are useful when you are mapping (like,, etc.) Here you can see a screenshot...
  4. Dadema

    Team Colored Moonrailing Reskin v1

    The reskinned version of the moonrailing made by @PXJesse
  5. Dadema

    Moon b1 (Contest final)

    A high-tech 3cp map on the moon! Fight over a moonbase with the BEST views on space and earth (not guaranteed). Features: - LOW GRAVITY (only outside) - PLANTS (you've never seen these ones before) By Dadema, PXJesse and MyFriend Tools used: - ABS mapping tool - Compilepal - Hammer...
  6. Dadema

    Theehouse a1

    A small invade ctf map. Bring the neutral flag into the enemy base to score.
  7. Dadema

    Data a1

    A 4 capture point payload map made in within 7.2 hours
  8. Dadema

    Moonday a6

    Original map: pl_second by @Muddy Skybox: skylab by @VelvetFistIronGlove Plants: Borneo plants by @heyyou Map remake by @DaDema In the future I will make this map a little bit different because otherwise this map will be the same as Sunrise by @Moonrat