Moon b1 (Contest final)

"Space, gotta go to space" - Kevin the Space Core

  1. Dadema
    A high-tech 3cp map on the moon!
    Fight over a moonbase with the BEST views on space and earth (not guaranteed).

    - LOW GRAVITY (only outside)
    - PLANTS (you've never seen these ones before)

    By Dadema, PXJesse and MyFriend

    Tools used:
    - ABS mapping tool
    - Compilepal
    - Hammer (obviously)
    -(Completely forgot to mention this) Skylab skybox by @VelvetFistIronGlove
    20170719194601_1.jpg 20170720170145_1.jpg 20170720170150_1.jpg 20170720170154_1.jpg 20170719194609_1.jpg

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  1. shootingstar1
    Version: b1 (Contest final)
    nice looking :)
    1. Dadema