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  1. pont

    fastener b3a

    first place in the guardian dynamica contest. :) guardian MvM is intended for two players. in place of a bomb, robots ride a pl_frontier-style train, with a secondary support train that ferries additional robots in. wrangling nextbots has never been more tedious.
  2. youporkchop5

    Compound2 a3

    It's coop_compound2! The "long awaited" sequel to coop_compound! Set in a dense rainforest, after escaping from the arctic compound, the RED team attempts to return to base. Unfortunately, they fly directly over BLU's secret base! Shot down, behind enemy lines, can you and your friends discover...
  3. youporkchop5

    Compound rc1

    A coop adventure made by me and @Tumbolisu. RED must break into BLU's secret arctic compound to steal their intel and escape by stealing one of their helicopters. But BLU is not going to let them go freely... This map is designed around 4 players, and you will need to enable a couple of...
  4. F

    72hr Jam 2022 Co-Op Intel A5

    Make sure to join red, not blu when you begin. This is an experiment of a cooperative gamemode utilizing the bots used in tr_training. Your objective is to get a briefcase from enemy base and bring it to your van. Unfortunately finding out how the bots work took most of the time and the map...