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  1. Tianes

    Animal Cutout Prop Pack 2023-06-05

    Featuring cutouts of: Camel Chicken Deer Donkey Fox Goat Horse Hyena Llama Pig Rabbit Sheep Wolf
  2. Tasty Salamanders

    Scout's Quest for Chicken

    Scout's Quest for Chicken Inspired by “Expiration Date”, Scout's Deep-Fried Dummy costume, and my previous Summer Jam fic; “A Day in the Life of Heavy”. I am so sorry for anyone who reads this. --- “Oh yeah, looking good, handsome!” Scout admired the visage before him in the mirror, he was...
  3. uberchain

    Conquistador Fried Giblet Tramp 2017-08-07

    Ever wanted to experience the carnal pleasures of both chicken and copulation at the same time? Come on down to Conquistador's Fried Giblets, where we serve the best parts of a well-stuffed hen (well, all the parts of it), deep fry that sucker, and serve it up in a bucket or two. Who's the...