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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Medieval bmp_ismac_mc23_a1 a1

    Bump enemies to death try to cap last
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Karnak Contusion (mission for mvm_zythe72hr_b3) b3

    Blast Soldier Supremacy
  3. Boreal_

    koth_skyscraper_a0 a0

    I made the original version a while back and then expanded on it.
  4. JackHasSoup

    Toot Fart A7

    A map inspired by the perfection that is 2 fort take 2 fort, hit it over the head with a frying pan, sprinkle in a little bit of bad map designer, and you get toot fart! The sewers are worse The bridge is worse The intelligence room is worse Even the water is worse!
  5. Danimations

    koth_bump A2 as bsp

    I tried to make the most casual map possible. It succeeded greatly.
  6. PiLoGuN

    Multi Stage riseofgods a1

    This map is one of my personal favorites. Never tested it. The idea of this map is that every stage is made for 1-2 classes specifically. (this probably isn't a good idea).
  7. 9

    My first map :) 2020-12-04

    This is my first map, i made it with the sole purpose of being really open and having good sniper sight-lines.
  8. S

    koth_domination_hydro v1

    Hydro but king of the hill with 4 control points. What could go wrong. An almost full server is recommended for the best experience. Also comes with a nav mesh for lonely people.
  9. lonely larry

    map_thing v2

    it's pretty bad
  10. True lemon

    MSPaint Textures a1

    the textures used in CP_SlowWater now free to use
  11. True lemon

    CP_SlowWater a1

    best used in silly servers such as, x10-100000, randomizer, trade servers and more. (its a really bad map in terms of regular unmodified gameplay)
  12. Flareblood

    arena_sonicspeed A1

  13. Flareblood

    cp_underland_a1 cp_underland_a1_fix

    My first map. I know it sucks, but I'm hoping to get some feedback from the official TF2Maps server on how I can do better. I'm mostly trying to get a feel for the design of the map (and also how Hammer works), then I'll try out detailing.
  14. Devon James

    trade_grayhouse 2018-07-03

    Hey there you little scrubs, I made a map for the ones who want to make a trading server and need a map, or some floopin stuff like it. If you need any other information about this worn down dissapointing map of mine, send me a message and I might reply.(this is my first map)
  15. freedom

    Some crappy maps I made forever ago (warning: grid size 1)

    it's like a dumpster fire became sentient but then someone pissed the fire away none of the maps are finishes and a few more are to come
  16. BeepSterr

    72hr koth_3007_3way_a1b a1b

    A Unguided 3man collab started when there were 30 hours and 7 minutes left (3007). It's bad. Collaborators: Sco-Manno - Made Mid Dr. Zomboland - Made Blue Spawn
  17. nesman

    72Hr Jam SFM Poster "Sniper: Bad Day"

    Hello all! Here is my submission for the 2016 Summer Jam 72HR contest! Enjoy! Made in SFM (C) Valve.
  18. norfolk

    72hr Bedriver A5

    This map is for the 72hr. It is an arena map where you have one minute to eliminate as many enemy players as possible.
  19. ProfHappycat

    wheatmill a1

    a simple little symmetric koth map dunno what else to put so have pictures :jimijam: