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  1. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦

    Spy by Ruchary #72hrs 2018-07-30

  2. Moonly Days


    My small map made in 66 hours. Inspired by my vacation on the sea.
  3. Oni134

    soldier 2018-07-29

    my draw
  4. C

    detail_corvatile_72hrs_2017 2017-08-06

    Like last year, I just made a purely aesthetic entry. This map is a detail scene of a spytech missile silo somewhere beneath the Teufort badlands. Made in a couple afternoons. This was mainly an attempt to experiment with complex brushwork and angular geometry seeing as most of my maps tend to...
  5. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦

    The disturbing turbant (72hrs TF2 JAM summer 2017) RC1

    The perfect hat for those who want to be a tirant! Features -Paintable -3 Lods -Facial flexes! (noise ring)
  6. Monke

    Updraft A1

    Introducing Koth_Updaft! Ever want to bounce and catapult across a King of the Hill Map? Well now you can! Blending the "Jump-Pads" of the passtime gamemode with the King of the Hill play-style, Updraft majors in vertical mountains and treacherous pits! Do you have what it takes to survive a...
  7. C

    72hr detail_corvatile_72hrs 2017-02-12

    A purely aesthetic map of a satellite station on a mountain created for the 72 hour TF2Jam. Uses some assets from the Frontline pack. Much like my entry for the last detail contest I didn't bother to make a 3D skybox.