72hr 2018

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  1. Dirtbomb

    Hoovy Slams 2018-07-30

    Happy to make something again for the 72hr jam. Didn't have much time to work on this one. kinda wanted to experiment with lighting in sfm for this poster. Any criticism?
  2. Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

    Speedster Scout [SFM Animation]

    RED Engie builds a device that makes it's wearer go faster. BLU Soldier isn't happy at the parts for the device being stolen from him. Also Medic disappears into thin air. Made for the TF2 72hr Summer Jam 2018, hence why it looks so jerky in places. I didn't have the time, nor the willpower to...
  3. Suna

    CP_Submerged B2

    A 2CP map set under the sea, in a high-tech facility of some sort. Made for the 72hr summer jam 2018. Current version: Beta Map will continue to recieve updates once the summer jam is over. Under the water Ya we in luck here Down in the muck here Under the sea
  4. jfdean67

    Pixel Scout for 72hr 2018-07-30

    it was a pixel scout i made for the 72hr jam it was also my friend's loadout
  5. princess.luc!!!

    The team 2018-07-30

    Spent all night on this lollll
  6. Mikroscopic

    ELECTRO SOUNDS 2018-07-30

    Hear the latest hits from the electronic-pop group Spi-Tek on their newest record "Electro Jams"! (Appropriate credit goes to Valve Software) https://soundcloud.com/user-164340265/sets/electro-jams
  7. OctoBlitz

    Sunken A1

    Sunken is my entry into the TF2Maps 72hr jam, and is an arena map set in the sunken city of New Zealand! (Tf comic #04: Blood in the water) I debated with the gamemode with this one, and if I have enough time I might make a KOTH version of this map with a different mid all together. let me...
  8. FUTURE10S

    The Graylien Invasion [SFM Poster] 2018-07-29

    After helping with the events at Blap Bash (and then watching my segment with caster commentary), I found out that the 72hr event was live. Since I didn't have to go to work today, I could make art. I spent a grand total of 6 hours on this, half of which was spent on remaking the poster, and I...
  9. Shmashing Zilla

    72hr Summer Jam: Kukri Prop Submission 2018-07-29

    I normally do some type of TF2 drawing but today I wanted to do something a little different, so I decided to create a life-size Kukri prop. I first drew the design on composite board, cut it out and sanded the edges around the prop to make them more rounded (for con use). I then used hammered...
  10. FishyUberMuffin

    Bostin Base Killer V2 2018-07-29

    This is for the 72 hour jam. It's a War Paint base on the scout. The idea is that I turned the Scout's class icon into a baseball because Boston. This version has bigger icons than the other version.
  11. Cinna

    Summer stuff [72hr jam] 2018-07-28

    I tried my best, but I'm feeling sick.
  12. Cinna

    Soldier Poster SFM [72hr Jam] 2018-07-28

    An SFM I made for the 72hr jam.
  13. r2d2upgrade

    Inspector Stabby 1.1

    I'll get you next time, Stabby! Next time! Some art of my spy loadout for a >>video<< I made a short while ago! Been wanting to make this for a while and thought I'd make it for this Jam.
  14. Da Spud Lord

    Rickety (KOTH) A1

    Red and Blu are trying to take control of an unstable structure that bridges a deep chasm. This is my entry to the TF2 Summer Jam 2018.