5 control points

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  1. wolfcl0ck

    2006 Well 1

    Well used to look a whole lot different. It had elevators, it was night time, and the spawn rooms used a whole different art style. Well (heh), after my last video, I thought "Hey, I made a version of the map with the elevator, I made a version of the map set at night, why don't I go the whole...
  2. Fudge Man

    Hydrate A1

    Somebody once called Saxton Hale a "Buff Dumbass", while he was righ- uh... VERY WRONG, that guy is dead now. However, Hale is still salty and wants to get revenge on the guy's familly. So, both teams desperately race to capture eachother's supplies of radioactive material and then send it to...
  3. Gabrimer

    cp_industrial 1.0.0

    My very first map, here you go! This is a 5CP map. This map uses the viaduct formula: 1 spawnroom - 1 courtyard - 1 exit - 1 courtyard - 4 exits - 1 courtyard - control point (Then the other side is mirrored)
  4. TheUserJason

    Defener A12

    Hello This is a Reupload because the other one before was in the wrong category so i think im in the right category and this above are the screenshots