Woodward a7

Dynamic koth

  1. More space

    Major changes
    - widened log area flank
    - added a whole new section at the house flank area

    This will give attackers some place to forward hold and make flanking players feel like they have an option.

    To do:
    - make saw hitboxes a bit smaller
    - add a second door at respawns to prevent camping

    I'm pushing this version out because I want to have to playtested as soon as possible so I can move forward.

    Also, I know the point feels streamlined and funneled, that was...
  2. Some elevation

    Elevated area outside the cap to hopefully make it easier to approach and retake the point. Also reduced cap time.
  3. Big boy update

    Major changes include:

    - the floor is grass
    - graphic improvements

    - saw on the middle now cuts through the point
    - moved the point to the middle and made the cap circle bigger

    - reworked the old dropdown flank completely
    - enclosed and added cover to the log flank
    - saw in the log flank now stops for some time longer at the end of its movement

    - removed some shutters
    - connected the old dead end room to...
  4. -

  5. Minor changes

    Added one more saw on the flank and a boulder near spawns to obstruct vision.
  6. More cover

    Elevated surface here and there, added shutters, some rooms to hide in and moved some healthpacks. Generally buffed pushing outside the point to not be that completely useless.
  7. Rename and full compile

    Renamed the map and did full compile plus minor changes.