Woodruff B2

Classic King of the Hill map

  1. Going into beta (mostly detailing)

    • Detailed about 40%
    • Fixed line of sight issue on the left path (thanks to Egan)
  2. Update from a7 to a8 (Gamesday US 23. Jan. 16)

    Applied the feedback from Gamesday US 23. Jan.
    • Fixed spawn camping issues (hopefully)
    • Added arrow signs before and in the side routes next to CP
    • Tried to fix sight line issues on right route with more cover and adjusted walls
    • Right route now has medium health/ammo (previously full)
    • Sniper house now has medium health/ammo (previously small)
    • Added more lights in dark areas
    I am also going to replace the screenshots, they are still from a5.
  3. Update from a5 to a7

    Applied feedback from gamesday 22. Jan. EU.
    • Fixed line of sight issues on mid (hopefully)
    • Raised sniper house to make it more attractive for snipers
    • Added overlays to mark health + ammo
    • Increased light_environment brightness
    • Made flank rooms next to CP smaller
    • Added more player clip ramps on edges