Whiterock rc2

By Freyja

  1. Freyja
    Formerly named Keikoku

    Keikoku is my entry into the 72h mapping winter classic contest, as well as the Major mapping contest #10 (Two skillsets).

    Second place in the 72h 2014 winter classic.
    First place in the first and second phase of the Major Mapping contest #10

    It is a 2CP attack defend map in the upward theme, featuring deathpits, trains and mind controlling radio broadcast stations.

    Download original 72h version.

    Special Thanks:

    Scarface for finding ridiculous exploits I never could have imagined.
    Boojum Snark as always, for his pack.
    Stevethepocket and Idolon for detail feedback


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  1. RC2 & Rename

Recent Reviews

  1. Rhyan
    Version: rc2
    Really Good Ascetic,Design And the fact that this made it way as a Jungle Map into the game, Its still Great
  2. Dubfull
    Version: rc2
    I love upward, and this map is gives me all of the upward vibes that I need. 10/10.
  3. Cinna
    Version: rc2
    Love the Upward vibe from this map!
  4. Lampenpam
    Version: rc
    The amount of places where you can fall of the map offer unique and fun gameplay