Weir A6

2cp domination set on a hydroelectric dam.

  1. Paper goes nuts with textures again

    -Textures and shit
    -Small details and geometry cleanups
    -Room between points connected to sewer changed slightly
    -Removed some shutters, shutters that were kept were made into wide/Well shutters
    -Removed overtime
    -Reduced timers to 4 minutes from 5
    -Other things that I probably forgot

    20190819201420_1.jpg 20190819201520_1.jpg 20190819201800_1.jpg 20190819201659_1.jpg 20190819201610_1.jpg 20190819201725_1.jpg ...
  2. Another logic overhaul

    -Changed prefix to dom_
    -Now uses timer system; owning at least one point makes your team's timer run down, team wins if their timer hits 0 first; 5 minute timers, no overtime, no start-of-round cap delay
    -Slightly rotated spawns
    -Made dam a bit wider and added some crates
  3. Back to basics

    -B is now unlocked at the start, just like how it was in A1
    -A and B now both take 18 seconds to cap and give no spawn adjustments
    -Moved A into a new shack where the old shack used to be and deleted the weird overhang
    -Made packs less cramped
    -Rotated spawn buildings and spawns to make flow better
    -Fixed some collisions and other things I forgot
  4. Emergency logic fix

    Fixed broken logic thanks to a comment Idolon made on my DAD prefab.
  5. Logic tweaks and bug fixes


    -B is now available to both teams when unlocked, instead of only being available to the team that owns A
    -Fixed solid railings at B
    -Fixed certain buildings not allowing stickies to stick to them properly
    -Mirrored the tiny shacks at A
    -Water is now fully capable of extinguishing players
    -Fixed solid light fixtures across the map
    -Possibly more that I forgot

    No screenshots this time due to most of the changes being unnoticeable outside of gameplay
  6. (B)ig Changes


    -B and most of the B building are locked until A is capped, and B can only be capped by a team if said team owns A
    -B cap time raised from 20 seconds to 25 seconds
    -Tweaked spawn times
    -Redid main room into B to have smaller shutter entrance plus second-story catwalk with one-way windows leading to new railing ledge
    -Tweaked highground ledge directly next to B and the cover near it
    -Observation room now has glass in all three windows (also JimiJam)
    -Upgraded all health along the...