Washout a12

Jungle themed KOTH with lots of height variation

  1. Moar screaming eagles!

    In this update I've attempted to improve the options available to soldiers by opening up the airspace in the map and increasing the roof space at mid.

    The battlements have been turned into an open platform. This opens up a jump for scout to get on centre roof, too. Changed ammo here from medium to small. Also broke the skybox water :\

    The path from spawn to battlements has been widened and had its air space opened up to allow for...
  2. Route and pickup adjustments

    Layout has been refined and pickups rethought. Some minor detailing as well:

    koth_washout_a110003.jpg koth_washout_a110004.jpg koth_washout_a110002.jpg

    Following are WIP shots, but illustrate the effective changes for this update.

    Cut the route joining the two side yards, which were allowing a very direct push to the enemy spawn. Added a doorway to a new room, following:...
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  3. Layout overhaul

  4. Reworked mid

    Thank you to everyone that tested and gave feedback on the gameday and Friday impromptu. The map seemed to play alright, but lacked variety. Defending the point seemed too easy and people were frustrated trying to attack. Also there were some sentiments that the map was small and areas cramped. With these points in mind I'm implementing these changes for a9:


    - The point has been lowered to have no height advantage...