Walkway RC2

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Walkway RC2

By Washipato


I and Wiseguy have been working in this map for the last months and now is good enough to be released publicly

Tr_walkway is a single player training map for Team Fortress 2, it feaures bots (computer controled players) walking on a track. There are loads of different options to customize the playfield, making walkway a good place to practice a wide array of TF2 techniques and general aim.


The map features:
  • An endless flow of bots, with the possibility to customize their speed, deploy time and class
  • Easy to use button interface, with in-game explanation of every function
  • Action for the bots. You can order them to attack, jump, dodge or strafe. Manipulate how much hit points do they have before they enter the walkway, choose when to kick or kill them or make them spam silly voice commands
  • Flexible launch-pad, capable of giving random trajectories or adjustable power
  • Custom console commands to control the map without the need to press a button. Useful for creating, loading and sharing game-mods
  • Coding system, including variables, timers, random cases and customizable text. Create minigames, training sessions or testing areas without the need to install a mod
  • Constant regeneration. The whole map is a giant resupply cabinet, players inside it don't need to heal or reload their weapons. But in walkway, the resupply is completly silent and can be turned off if needed
  • Training map designed with a TF2 look in mind, with custom textures, posters, goodies and a secret easter egg
  • sv_cheats is turned on, so your stats won't be saved


You have helped me quite a lot. This is the first map that I have worked on and this place really helped a newbie mapper like me. Of course, I didn't have problems like balancing teams (in fact, I tried to make the red team more and more unbalanced in every version) or game flow, something that it would take a lot of time to learn for me. You mappers have a difficult job.

There are some functions used in walkway that you can find useful for your map. I and wiseguy have planned to release the vmf after the final release. If you have any question, don't doubt to ask.

Thanks ABS for his hammer addon and tips, nineaxis for his poster tutorial, Fatony for the soundscript help, all the people who have made tutorials for beginners, and everyone that helped me and I have forgot to mention here


Install instructions

The install instructions in tr_walkway_rc2 are kinda wrong, it was a mistake on out part, sorry for the problems. Here is a detailed guide to install the map

1- Download the map from the link above (it is the button in the right of the page). You will get a RAR file, it contains the map and some extra files for the map.
2- Download and install winrar http://www.win-rar.com/download.html (if you have linux or mac, I thing they include a program that can open rar files)
3- Open the file downloaded in the first step (tr_walkway_rc2.rar) with the program you downloaded in step 2 (double clic tr_walkway_rc2.rar). You will see 4 files in there, in your case you will only need the file "tr_walkway_rc2.bsp" (it will have the half-life logo as icon).
4- Search the "Steam" folder in your PC. When you are inside it, go to "steamapps" then to the folder with the name of your steam account, for example, "washipato". Then go to "team fortress 2", then "tf" and finally "maps"
5- Now, drag and drop the "tr_walkway_rc2.bsp" file from the winrar window inside the "maps" folder. I would recommend you to do the same with the "tr_walkway_rc2 readme.txt" file, it can answer other questions you could have.
6- Start TF2 and open the developer console (http://developer.valvesoftware.com/w...eloper_Console)
7- Enter "maps tr_walkway_rc2" without the ""
8- Enjoy :)
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Latest reviews

Is good
Amazing map for practice, keep it up!
cool map
I prefer trainings with real players, but sometimes need to test something and this map is good for it.
Very good map, good place for training
Great training/testing map for you and your tf2 class needs. Always useful from the most advance user to the most basic newbie, its made for everyone.