Vision a6

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Vision a6

boring old linear koth

Smallish, rotationally symmetric KotH.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. a6

    a6 special thanks to @Defcon for pre-release feedback. layout removed remaining shutters derestricted yard connectors opened yard building 1st floor removed right battlement route added more shacks to mid for additional cover w/ crouch jump up...
  2. a5

    a5 layout removed dropdown removed most of 2nd floor mid building and removed shutter going into it removed yard connector and upper yard building shutters removed some barriers from yard bridge route into yard building from right side is now...
  3. a4

    a4 layout gutted “yard” area and remade to separate fighting from mid right route is a connector hub; can go to 2nd floor mid building, 1st floor mid building, or back into yard connector to mid pickups small hp/ammo in shacks by point...

Latest reviews

The gameplay feels excellent and i cant wait to see this finished!