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Upland RC4

By Honeymustard and IrishTaxiDriver

  1. honeymustard


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Recent Reviews

  1. Switchgeer
    Version: RC4
    it's not often you see such a unique feeling map while keeping to the original badlands style. Detail seems to have really been thought out. The tutorial video fits perfectly with ones that already exist.

    Also I really like how many curves you put around some of the points.
  2. WazzimaGiygg
    Version: RC4
    I Can Make a Remake Map's. I think make a ecological version. I can know to send maps in this site.
  3. Magnificent Microwaves
    Magnificent Microwaves
    Version: RC4
    tf2 needs this
  4. FloofCollie
    Version: RC4
    Absolutely insane - the layout and brushwork are insane, as is the detailing! The world of TF2 is represented so well through this map, and it's a playground of wood and corrugated metal with tons to do and explore.
    This is a huge inspiration to me, as an aspiring mapper.
  5. PortalStorm4000
    Version: RC4
    That video, that's it.
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