Upland RC4

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I like the concept of the map, and how it changes with each point capped by BLU. I always enjoy these types of maps, and the author makes good usage of the changes in the map, like Point E sinking into the floor, along with shutting/opening doors. My main complaint is it's too cramped with too many buildings and routes, it's very easy to feel lost in the map. Compare to steel, which is much more clear where to go. By lessening the routes and clearing up some excess structures, it would make this map far better.
it's not often you see such a unique feeling map while keeping to the original badlands style. Detail seems to have really been thought out. The tutorial video fits perfectly with ones that already exist.

Also I really like how many curves you put around some of the points.
I Can Make a Remake Map's. I think make a ecological version. I can know to send maps in this site.
tf2 needs this
Absolutely insane - the layout and brushwork are insane, as is the detailing! The world of TF2 is represented so well through this map, and it's a playground of wood and corrugated metal with tons to do and explore.
This is a huge inspiration to me, as an aspiring mapper.
That video, that's it.