Turbine Event B5


  1. zakariasan2
    This is ctf_turbine in a event theme type for this upcoming Halloween.
    I decided to edit this in a event because I always wanted to make the map more detail in some way. The Blu side of the map was hard to make because there we're alot of stuff specifcally for red (cp_manor props for red only). This map is called Gallow because in centre of the map revolving around a gallow.

    -Original by Flobster
    -Event edit/revamped by Zakariasan2
    -Edited and custom textures by Zakariasan2
    -Inspiration from cp_gorge_event, koth_hauntedfall, cp_manor

    Enjoy the map and please leave a comment or feedback if you wish :)

    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=532748178

    P.S. If the intelligence is dropped down the gallow pit, then it will be resetted back to it's starting position. I couldn't figure a way to make it teleport beside it but people are saying that it's good to make it reset back. I'll keep it that way for now.

    B3 and up update log
    - Added colorcorrection (dark effect)
    - Added more detail
    - Fixed props causing weird shadows
    - Fixed lighting problems in vents
    - Fixed textures
    - Fixed cubemaps
    - Fixed vertexs


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