Tripwire A4

Stormy cliffside 2CP A/D

  1. I think B is ok now

    This update brings:
    *B is now wider
    *Red spawn is further back on B
    *Blu's right route on B is wider
    *Added some ammo for red, widened a doorway
    *Removed blu's top flank for A, maybe it will flow better now
    *Made the glass texture larger so it looks a bit better
    *Added stairs + moved forward red highground platform on A
    *Added a blu spawn exit and changed one of the others
    *Added deathpit signs
    *Moved the A train further back
    *Pushed floaty pickups down to the floor
    *Filled the hole in the...
  2. Maybe the map is cooler now???

    This update brings:
    *Moved blu forward spawn so red doesn't have highground over it/you don't have to make awkward turns
    *Remade A->B connectors, any advice on properly making connectors would be greatly appreciated
    *Added a new entrance into last for blu
    *Resized last a bit
    *Made the Pit at B shallower
    *Fixed some bad clipping across the map
    *Made A not cap in two seconds
    *Remade red entrances to A
    *Fixed respawn times
    *Fixed some tiny gaps in geometry
    *Fixed broken visualisers, somehow I...
  3. New B and sort of new A

    This update brings:
    *New B point, no more weird spawn/shortcut/'chickenwire funhouse hall of mirrors'
    *Somewhat new A point, thank you to Idolon for the suggestion
    *Lowered respawn times overall
    *Made A->B connector a tad less cramped
    *Added a jump up in the opening area
    *Replaced short fences with tall ones to better indicate a closed off area
    *Made glass darker
    *More stuff I definitely forgot

    cp_tripwire_a20001.png cp_tripwire_a20000.png