Tripwire A4

Stormy cliffside 2CP A/D

  1. Maybe the map is cooler now???

    This update brings:
    *Moved blu forward spawn so red doesn't have highground over it/you don't have to make awkward turns
    *Remade A->B connectors, any advice on properly making connectors would be greatly appreciated
    *Added a new entrance into last for blu
    *Resized last a bit
    *Made the Pit at B shallower
    *Fixed some bad clipping across the map
    *Made A not cap in two seconds
    *Remade red entrances to A
    *Fixed respawn times
    *Fixed some tiny gaps in geometry
    *Fixed broken visualisers, somehow I set them all to start disabled
    *Thanks for all the help, Emil!

    As always, all and any feedback is greatly appreciated
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