Treno A3

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-Deleted train visualizers and added a system where cart's position dictates when train timer is active (when cart enters a hazard tape zone for the first time, it enables and then fire the timer, and when it leaves the zone, the timer is disabled; all subsequent times entering the zone only enable the timer, but don't immediately fire it again)
-Removed all rollback ramps such that the meaning of hazard tape on tracks has a consistent meaning, and to make things easier for offense overall
-Replaced tunnel entrance for train with distant track
-Changed areaportals to areaportal windows for better optimization
-Fixed broken areaportal
-Fixed forcerespawns not putting players in the correct spawns (required slight delay)
-Moved RED forward spawn to connect more to room next to previous room, adjusted dynamic door to compensate
-Made piece of bridge immediately above A accessible and made train door into B open earlier
-Based on prior change, changed geo just outside main entrance to B to be a radio building letting players climb up to the bridge (only allowed for non-mobile classes when A is capped)
-Added details (wires) and lights to make boiler flank to B and second floor room at A more obvious
-Added one-way door in favor of offense to boiler flank to B
-Fixed a door not crushing players on close
-Fixed awful sightline at C
-Did some clipping stuff
-More that I can't remember
-Changed finale to regular payload finale because the cactus canyon finale conflicted with the rest of the map's vision, was not fun, and this new finale also has the effect of naturally moving the spawn farther from the final cap
-Made train slightly slower
-Adjusted geometry at C to remove bonkers sightline while also granting offense additional highground
-Removed one-way element from door near C
-Added diagonal building bit to OP roof at C to make it easier to splash people on it from new aforementioned highground
-Changed last dropdown to reduce walk time through and make it more powerful for offense (hopefully)
-Added some more tracks to better indicate cart path
-Turned tiny cart ramp into last lobby to rollback to compensate for reduced cart path length