Tr sentry busting

Tr sentry busting 1.0

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Tr sentry busting 1.0

A cooperative map for two players


This map is basically a tutorial about how teamwork helps to destroy sentries. Visit the workshop page to see the tutorial as a text.

Currently, only first part of the map is available. I will add the rest as I finish them.

1) This map is designed for two players. However, it is possible to have more ones, but it is not how this map is supposted to be played.
2) This map is designed for the stock weapons loadout. Some weapons are banned by map automatically.

How to play?

If you have white (external) IP address with required port open (usually 27015), then:
1) set sv_allow_point_servercommand to always
2) set sv_lan to 0
3) create a server with this map
4) call your friend and tell him your IP and port (your friend will need to connect to you via console command connect <IP:port>)

If your IP address is private or the method above doesn't work you can borrow a free server easily via sites such as or others
1) Borrow a server
2) Start a server with any map
3) Enter rcon password via console (rcon_password <rcon password>)
4) Change the map to this one via console (rcon changelevel workshop/600242385)
5) Invite your friend to the game

IMPORTANT: If bots don't join map once any player joined the blue team, it means that you need to type the following commands into console in that order:
1) mp_tournament 0
2) sv_cheats 1
3) sv_allow_point_servercommand always
4) mp_restartgame 1 (this command can be needed twice if only one or two bots joined (you need 3 ones))
If you play on borrowed server, type rcon in front of the console commands. (e.g. rcon sv_cheats 1)


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