Tpc's Speedy Base maker WIP V1

Only to be used for a short time so you can get the map finished

  1. TPC
    Welcome to My new project TPC's Speedy base maker what this does is it allows you to have aesthetics for the period when game play is more important or to give you a Idea on what you want to make in your map while I don't recommend to just use SBM to make your map's bases and buildings I cant stop you... I don't recommend it because this is a filler to kinda give the map a sort of nice furnished feel to it even if your just working on game play and when you are working on aesthetics use what you like but still decorate with your own creations so every map is unique not to say you can't have it

    please if you have any suggestions on buildings please tell me or make it (if you make it send me a email to with the file so I can upload it and or add it to the roster of buildings

    requires all 3 construction packs

    please read the tool tip on the building if it has one it might save you time figuring out what it does

    current buildings

    - TPC