Toxic A3

This map is as toxic as it can be!

  1. Infomaniac
    Located deep in the West German forest lies a hidden research facility called the "Bayerisches Wald Forschungsinstitut/Bavarian Forest Research Institute", this facility is known to house tanks full of toxic materials, and in the middle lies a nuclear warhead on top of a pit of toxic waste, who will capture the facility to own it all?

    Toxic is a map originally created by Hotdoge Mcgee, but was adopted by me, and remade.
    Credits :
    Hotdoge - Original map
    Vig - Decker Props
    Void - Blu Imports of everything props, and Nuclear Waste material
    Frontline Team - Bunker ladders

Recent Updates

  1. Alpha 3
  2. Feedback Requests
  3. Forgot the Ammo packs and Health kits!

Recent Reviews

  1. KayEf
    Version: A2
    I tried to make this map have too many gimmicks, while Info just made it into something I wish I could make. Keep up the good work my man!