Tibet a22

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Alpha 22:
- Reworked blue and red forward spawn for Point B/C
- Removed blu shortcut for attacking B. Blu respawn time has been reduced after capturing point A to compensate. Trying it out.
- Shifted around final a bit to rework the routes attacking it.
- Added a big new balcony for blu to attack B, accessed from A.
- Tweaked health/ammo pickups
Alpha 21:
- Added a second shortcut exit for blue spawn approach on B
-- Improved the existing exit as well, blocking a sightline on it and offering more counterplay for blue
- Reworked all the logic so spawns should work properly, or at least easier for me to fix!
- Replaced all the cart track nodes so the cart doesn't float at random points
- Clipped that perch spot that 'punk rock snep gf' always finds - I see you, and I will find you
- Moved med health and big ammo near the bridge to the opposite side, to improve cover and engineer play
- Removed rocks & tree outside of final blue forward spawn so it's not visually blocking the other route into final
Alpha 20
- Reworked Blue spawn, including shortcut when A is capped
- Closed off passage behind A-B connection
- A-B bridge is now covered with higher railings
- Added some sentry nests at B, C and Final
- Red's shortcut from Final closes when C is captured
- Clipped the upper balcony over A
Alpha 19
- Cut down overall size
- Remade second-third point
- Remade third point
- Lowered the cart
- Fixed B point not being properly captured
- Some clipping fixes
What's this? A wild tibet update?? It's been so long

Alpha 18
- Yes 18 I know the last version was 15 there has been a lot of internal versions
- Reworked everything past 2nd point pretty much
- Look I'll be honest it's been like 3 years and a global pandemic since the last version I legit can't remember what I've changed
- I hope Ravage still likes what this map is becoming


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- Don't judge me I made a bad
- Improved red forward spawn
- fixed bad clipping
- Improved Point A area high area for blue
- Removed alcove with ammo/health for red defending B
- Removed interior of building near B
Remade opening area
I don't remember