thunderpit_a5a3 a5a3

a better more improved thunderpit

  1. newish layout and some texture changes

    i need reviews beside IMP's so pls review for me 20200710132144_1.jpg 20200710132132_1.jpg 20200710132144_1.jpg 20200710132132_1.jpg 20200710132127_1.jpg 20200710132123_1.jpg 20200710132112_1.jpg
  2. redid layout and props so it works now

    this is far from done but tell me what i need to do to make it perfect 20200629003437_1.jpg 20200629003443_1.jpg


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    2. 20200629003506_1.jpg
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    4. 20200629003523_1.jpg
    5. 20200629003628_1.jpg