The Team Fortress 2 Scrapped Model Pack 1.0

Made by Rexy

  1. Rexy

    Hello all.

    Filling the request made a few days ago, I've compiled several of the scrapped model ideas that Valve software had in mind for the original versions of Team Fortress 2.

    Valve built and included the models, but did not include textures with most of them. You will notice the syringe texture is a valve original, but the others were created by myself for this pack.

    These are prop_static models (detail models), and include:

    Beer Stein + 2 skins
    Lead Pipe
    Bear Trap + 2 skins
    Dynamite + 2 skins
    Bomblet + 2 skins

    Please give proper credit if you use these in your map. Also credit Valve Software, the models belong to them!

    WIP Thread:


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