72hr TF2 Jam - Granary Situation, GMod pic by Seelpit 2017-02-11

Here's my "entry" for the 72hr Jam; a GMod pic of a Granary situation.

  1. ♓Seelpit♓
    Here's my, if you want to call it that, entry for the 72hr TF2 Jam: a GMod picture/poster/whatever you want to call it.
    Took me about 2 hours to make.
    It's a situation on Granary mid, with a RED Demo, RED Medic, and RED Sniper, being attacked by a BLU Soldier, BLU Spy, and BLU Scout, respectively.

    Tools used:
    - Particle Attacher
    - Easy Bonemerge Tool
    - Advanced Particle Control
    - Animated Props + Animated Props - Pararms
    - Enhanced TF2 Textures
    - TF2 Paint Tool

    All other tools used are GMod-inclusive, such as the Lamp and Colour tool.


    1. TF2 72hr Jam pic by Seelpit.jpg