Tampa A5

Trains and 5CP in the city!

  1. Slow and Steady

    DJ Sylveon
    Wins the race. I didnt get to everyone's suggestion on changes since I have done major work on parts of the map already. Most of it focused on Mid. Signage was added, new pathways, and the map is still shrinking.
  2. No List Can Describe the Changes

    DJ Sylveon
    So as I stated before the name of the map is now Tampa. Doubt I'll keep it all the way through since...yea Tampa is a really place and this looks nothing like it...anyways I changed it because the map no longer reflected the name and that can be seen from the photos here. (yea I forgot to disable my hud. It was 1:00am when I took these)
  3. Last Minute Fix

    DJ Sylveon
    Windows managed to turn into triggers. Made them func_details.
  4. The Needed Update

    DJ Sylveon
    • Added Cubemaps
    • Added Map Shadow Control
    • Added Spawn room visualizer to forward spawns
    • Optimization in the way of No Draw on unseen textures
  5. Bug Fixes

    DJ Sylveon
    Just bug fixes.
  6. The Overhaul

    DJ Sylveon
    Major Updates:
    • Switched freight trains out for subway trains
    • Mid has a platform over it. You can cap on top of the platform.
    • Ramps by path that goes under the wall to mid split in half and platforms added to the half closest to the point.
    • Back wall of top area extended to "close off mid". Doesn't actually close off mid.
    • Boxes moved under roof and non-climbable.
    • Forward spawns added. Teams spawn in forward spawn after capping mid. Spawn is outside the walls around...
  7. Huge update!

    DJ Sylveon
    Well I worked at it for a while and here it is! It looks nothing like it did before! Well a good portion at least.
    Recent Changes:
    Paths to mid are completely redesigned.
    Less Tunnels on the tracks. In exchange the train goes twice as fast now.
    Snipers have been nerfed to hell and back but they only visited the 1st level. (Thats the hottest level)
    A flank path that skips by 2nd and goes straight to mid was added. It ends up in the halls above the point.
    New entrance to mid is along the...