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  1. Ravidge
    A capture the flag map.

    Spytech theme with desert outdoors. Not based on any real location.

    Red team has decided to build a secret hideout. Of course it would have to be in a inconspicious location, a place where no one would ever look. Once a suitable location had been found, construction began (in utmost secrecy, naturally). The Red base was nearly finished when suddenly a blue shovel came trough the outer wall...
    It was then the Red team noticed that they weren't alone in this mountain. But who could these trespassers be? What did they know? Did they build an identical hideout next to Reds? It's time to steal some papers and get answers the only way they know how.

    Objective: Steal the intelligence from the enemy, and bring it back to yours.

    Twist: The intelligence is moving.

    A Boojum Snark made improvements to the intellligence parenting mechanism.
    Karmakaze Inspired me with his version of moving intel.
    III_Demon made the 45° curves and 32 unit tracks. link: here.
    Big Rexy for the custom Ibeam models.


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