Suijin RC2

Made by Freyja and EArkham

  1. Freyja
    Disclaimer: The map was designed for arena, I make no guarentees to the balance of koth.

    Suijin is an arena map set on a Japanese cliffside shinto shrine to Suijin, the god of water in Japanese mythology.

    The map focuses heavily on rooftop combat and clipping is very lenient. One of the mottos when making this map was "clip only if have to," so things like the far off islands, the roof tops, hiding spots are free game. It features a new theme entirely developed for this map, and serves half as an artwork and theme demonstration as I plan to use this theme in the future, so optimization is a little poor, sorry!

    Credits & Special Thanks

    E-Arkham, chiefly. For he helped me create the Japanese theme and make the extremely amazing roof models and sakura trees, as well as various other props that you can pick by how amazing they look.

    Egan for running it in tests, even without my explicit asking or presence. It allowed Suijin to speed through the testing phase.

    A Boojum Snark what mapper doesn't thank him for his prop and gametype library.

    Turbo Lover and Others for very awesome feedback.

    Eyce for pack checking and for being an aussie mate.

    Egan for pack checking also.

    2014-01-12_00002.jpg 2014-01-12_00003.jpg 2014-01-12_00005.jpg 2014-01-12_00006.jpg 2014-09-01_00001.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Retro_Game_kid
    Version: RC2
    the map is by far the most beautiful maps in the game it was reworked for KOTH witch is a bit broken
  2. Nero
    Version: RC2
    No issues with framerate as someone had mentioned, balanced arena map and plenty of space for fighting.
  3. Yellow
    Version: RC2
    The way the map was suppose to be played. While arena is not as popular as koth, this map works a lot better for arena. The current version has not had the optimization updates though, so framerate issues will occur frequently.
  4. Turbo Lover
    Turbo Lover
    Version: RC2
    Arena. The real version of this map.

    As one of the larger Arena maps, it has room for very varied gameplay space that caters to each class. Plus, this map is gorgeous.

    It does have some issues with framerate though.