Staging rc

By Nosher

  1. Nosher

    This is my second map and is call CTF_Staging

    I got the idea from an old tut from Spaceweasels, in which he showed how you could have multiple intels...

    So I decided to build a 3 stage CTF map. The idea being that when you return the enemy Intel back to the control point in your base, the next enemy intel spawns in a deeper part of the enemy base that becomes available because of moving doors that only open once the intels are captured..... [​IMG]

    Currently player clipping [​IMG] and fixing some of the lighting issues [​IMG], as I wanted to really do a 'twlight' map this time...... [​IMG]

    Testing to commence soon!

    Feedback (as ever) welcome, but please remember that this is just at the alpha stage and only my second map!
    Thanks in advance

    PS - download linky now up


    1. hl2_2009-04-04_15-56-03-79.jpg
    2. hl2_2009-08-28_23-34-33-81.jpg
    3. hl2_2009-08-28_23-37-42-75.jpg
    4. hl2_2009-08-28_23-38-00-25.jpg
    5. hl2_2009-08-28_23-39-46-67.jpg
    6. hl2_2009-09-01_19-22-15-32.jpg