Sparkworks 016

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Sparkworks 016

Made by Jeffel5005

Hello! This is my first map that I've actually made an attempt at making public. I realize I've never posted on here and it's probably a crappy way to start, but I'm anxious to get feedback so I can further my learning and map making!

The overall theme of this map is meant to be a fireworks factory. BLU invades RED's factory by pulling up on their train, taking over the station, and invading during the cover of night. (Plus, night makes more sense for fireworks!)

Like I said, this is the first map I have made. I wasn't really sure what order to do things in to get a release on here. I realize my lighting so far is total crap. Areas I am fairly confident in are the ending (after Cap C) and courtyard that Cap B overlooks. Areas that I'm not so sure about are the spiral and climb back up from cap A, as well as the room around Cap C. Please let me know if I should rethink my confidences in design!

EDIT 0.1.6: Hopefully the lighting is better in 0.1.6, I updated the screenshots with this update. I *KNOW* there are still dark areas, such as the battlements for RED, as well as some of the courtyard and cap A room. No area is perfect yet, but they are hopefully better.

Thanks to my friend elitekiller500 for help with the fireworks crates!
Also thanks to the great people here for making a community, as well as the packs and models to make mapping that much easier and better!

Right now, any feedback would help. If you think I should totally start over for some reason... I'm willing, if you have reason! Thanks for any feedback
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