spacecontrol_wadiwatki_ extension _fixes4


  1. mat_mot0
    NEW VERSION spacecontrol_wadiwatki_extension1_tournament.bsp

    OLD VERSION spacecontrol_wadiwatki_extension1.bsp
    variant of spacecontrol_wadiwatki_fixes1
    How to play spacecontrol:
    soldier v soldier (more than 1v1 hasn't been tested)
    Koth point mechanics
    No deaths (Uses func_regenerates)
    For this map:
    kritz on capture (trigger_add_tf_player_condition box appears for .1 sec with critboosted on point)
    Below the orange line:
    trigger_hurt -150, func_regenerate
    If a soldier jumps over the orange line they are out of the trigger_hurt box
    If they go over the multicolored squares line they are out of the func_regenerate box