Snowblends! 1.0

Made by Void

  1. Void

    Due to a syntax error on the calculator in charge of the Weather Control here at TF Industries, a vast amount of snow has descended from the sky. Get ready to shovel that snow off your concrete, grass, dirt or mud, folks!

    As a formal apology, TF Industries will be sending out cargo planes full of Toques to the suffering areas.


    Due to bad weather, the previously mentioned cargo planes were not able to leave the tarmac.

    Void's Texturefest 2010

    A set of snow blends for concrete, grass, dirt and mud by popular request.

    Tenth of many Texturefest 2010 uploads.

    Do not pakrat the tooltextures with your map.

    Self-shadowing Bumpmap by Lord Ned aka Matt


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