Snow Shovels

Snow Shovels 1.0

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Snow Shovels 1.0

Made by Fr0Z3n and Ravidge

Mann Co. Product #361991

Tired of being snowed in and constantly having to use that horrible dirt shovel to clear snow? Well worry no more! Mann Co. Brand Snow Shovels will make even the largest of snowfall a breeze! No longer will you be late to that fight over intelligence, or miss out on pushing that cart. With Mann Co. Brand Snow Shovels, you will never have to fear shoveling snow again!

Now with 3 exciting colors to choose from!

Originally created for use in cp_frozen.

Mesh and actual prop making done by Ravidge
Texturing done by Fr0Z3n

place tf folder in Steam/steamapps/<username>/team fortress 2 folder. The tf folder will merge with the current one. Readme file inclosed with more details.
Fruity Snacks
First release
Last update

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