Snow Dance

Snow Dance b1

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Fixed broken link
-New route to the sniper balcony
-More cubemaps
-Started detailing
-Fixed some clipping
-Added more cover to mid
-Detailed cp platform
-Fixed mismatched pickup locations
-Changed building by spawns
-Significantly Widened Mid
-Added New High Route
-Other Changes
Fixed Download
-Changed Mid
-Added new underground route
-Replaced ammopack at mid with health
-Changed mid
-Expanded snow lodges
-Moved ski spacer
-Properly mirrored rocks
-Added more optimization
-Fixed the weird prop bug (Thanks matty)
-Some detailing changes
-Added new doorway in mid
-Reworked layout of buildings
-Made area around buildings more interesting
-Added staircase by cliff
-Changed full ammo pack to med
-Updated mid
-Changed some stuff in the houses besides mid
-Added new ski lift model
-some detailing