Multi Stage Slush b1

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Multi Stage Slush b1

Made by Moose

Slush is a multistage a/d map with melty snow in an industrial setting.

RED has developed a heat ray, and are planning to use it in order to destroy BLU's HQ, as well as disrupt the peace of a thawing forest! Oh no!

I've taken a ton of inspiration from both dustbowl and gorge here, and you can see elements from both. I think I managed to keep some of the chokey feel dustbowl has, while making the map wider and fun. Also, timers aren't ridiculous, so rounds won't take forever to finish.

b1 is out!

I'd like to thank Slunchy, for being a bro and motivating me when I needed it.
Supersandvich, for all his support
Rexy, for being a really cool guy as usual
A Boojum Snark, because honestly he's the main reason tf2 mapping isn't horribly inconvenient.
Everybody who left me feedback
Everybody who didn't ragequit my map within 2 minutes because it was in dev textures
and finally, I should thank prestige for airshotting me on my own map that one time.
First release
Last update
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