Sludgepit Final4

back from the dead

  1. More stuff (idk what to name this)

    Decided to make a final3 for the map. Here are the changes

    Gameplay changes:

    -Fixed the clipping/displacements at the last point so players won't get stuck anymore.
    -More clipping fixes all over the map.
    -Much more very small changes that won't be said here.

    Detail changes:

    -Changed some detailing at last. Mostly to make it look more like a chemical waste facility and spytech-y.
    -Added toxic waste spills because the janitor sucks at doing their job.
    -Did some changes to the 3d skybox by adding some mountainous structures and changing the small factory building into a full nuclear powerplant.
    -Added a easter egg below red's last spawn that is based of Vinesauce

    Extra bonus change:

    -Changed the description of the map because it had grammar issues among other things.

    Will update the map on later this week hopefully.
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