Sludgepit Final4

back from the dead

  1. Prosciutto
    Welcome to Sludgepit, RED's most profitable logging, cargo and chemical waste facilities, located in Oregon, USA. Attempting to cripple their competitor, BLU launches an attack from their own nearby coal mine, with the goal of delivering a bomb to the chemical waste storage pit and destroying RED's entire operation.

    Detailing/Red Propane Tank and some spytech models by ASG_Alligator
    industrial signs by Urban

    Re-uploaded from when this was first on the site. Maybe add it back to the featured map list idk

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  1. arab gaming network
    arab gaming network
    Version: Final4
    Played this map on, super fun, had a great time. I love how it's not too chokey but not too open, you did a great job on this map!
    1. Prosciutto
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much!