Skyscaper b2

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Skyscaper b2

made For the 72 hour contest

Skyscaper is an arena map on the top floor of a, well Skyscaper.

Originally, it was gonna be 3 Building with a hallway to the middle. but changed it to an office area because of one user on the TF2Maps Chat.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Beta 2!

    Added Credits, Changed Wall and Roof Textures, Added "Hang In There" Poster Near Spawns, Added bigger Cover to the Cubical's, Made it look more like a Skyscraper, Changed Sky Texture, Moved the Full Health Down a floor, Added Another Banana to...
  2. b1 Skyscaper

    B1! Moved the Stairs so its facing at the Full Health and Ammo, Moved the Medium Healths to the back, Moved the Full Health and Ammo a little closer to the banana, Pulled down the walls near mid, Blacked out the Windows For spys, And of course...
  3. A2 Update - Skyscaper

    Updated to A2 Added a Second Floor Removed the Stairs to the Roof Raised the roof Made the Elevator Have a Nobuild Added a ledge with full health, ammo, and a banana Note: i have to go to b1 quickly becuase of reasons