Silent a8a

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Silent a8 Hotfix

- Fixed spawntimes
- Fixed a bug relateing to a door in lobby
Silent a8
Various reworks to second and it's transitions to mid. Should play vastly different, and better hopefully. Oh, and some minor mid changes.

- Adjusted forward spawn location
- Changed cover on point
- Adjusted concrete side

Mid -> Second
- Complete Rework
- Accidently recreated lobby on last oops

- Reworked catwalk to be more interesting
// Call is Warehouse
- Extended out concrete
- Adjusted displacements
- Made the point bigger overall
- Texture Changes
- Adjusted Forward Spawn Location

- Added sign to Toxic
Silent a7
First "real" changes I've made from competitive testing. 2 Pretty major changes affecting the midfight and last.

Mid -> Second
- Added new connector from Death Hallway to mid that significantly quickens the rollout
// Callout for this route is "Rollout"; I fear teams will only enter Death Hallway through Rollout now, so in future versions ramp room may need some adjustments to make it more viable


- Made the Box on Metal into a Pipe
// It was a pipe in earlier versions, but it didn't make much sense. I added a fan to toxic so now it's logical.

- Adjusted rock model
- Added a platform by rock
// Some nicer positioning on this side for defense and offense alike. Should make last more interesting.
Silent a6
I'm very happy with how the competitive testing went this time. Even though it was a clean sweep, the game was intense. I feel I succeeded in making a fun layout if I want to play the map (which hopefully I will).
Also, next time send the demo to me. This version would be out much quicker if I actually got it.


- Added point barriers so getting on point is more difficult from right
//The right-side rollout was significantly more powerful than the left side one, so I'm trying to make the left rollout more viable.

- Fixed a visual bugs


- Removed clutter from dropdown
- Added some polish to the far right route (now IT)
- Adjusted some Textures

- Adjusted some textures


- Various Clipping Fixes
- Compiled with BSPReveal
Silent a5 patch notes
After getting some competitive testing (finally), I've made various changes in the layout that makes me more confident on it's viability. Let's tackle the most important change first.

- Shortened Defender Respawn Time and Increased Attacker Respawn Time.
// If you wiped on second, then by the time you respawn on last the point will already be halfway capped. That was a major problem for me, so defenders on last have more of a chance to set up.

Mid -> Second
- Added pillar to death hallway
// Finally came up with a call for this route. People got shredded in this route, so calling it death hallway seems accurate. The pillar should make playing here more interesting

- Removed cover on top of point
// People just caught on this, and it didn't serve any real purpose so I got rid of it
- Added Cover to Lower
// This route was just used after mids for cleanup, so this should make it a more valuable route.
- Widened Doors from Banana
// Makes this route nicer to push out of.
Silent a4a Patch Notes

- Compiled cubemaps
Silent a4 Patch Notes
A couple Changes I feel will make the map play better.

- Raised displacements under mid to be higher
//Thank you to @armio43 for the feedback!
- Adjusted rock to be a concrete ramp
// Rock didn't make much sense to be the way it was, so I changed it to the ramp.

Mid -> Second
- Changed valley to be shorter and indoors
// Valley felt a little underpowered, so I changed it's geometry and length so it'll have more utility. Of course, because of this there are now only 3 entrances on mid, so I may make an adjustment.
Silent a3 Patch Notes
Just some polish changes so that competitive tests aren't questionable. I also made a change to last because the point was, kindly put, ass. The house is a lot cooler and I like it more.I might put this on tftv soon, so keep a look out!


- Clipping Changes

- Choke is now brighter
- Potassium


- Grates on Second no longer have splash go through them

- Made the door larger from lobby to concrete

- Clipping Changes
- Added new building to replace the spire
// The spire was more annoying than anything, so this building should result in more interesting gameplay
- Fixed visibility bug that let people see into spawn
Silent a2 Patch Notes

I finally finished parsing @d3adfin's feedback on the map, and it only took a little under 2 months!
I haven't even implemented it all, things such as the ramp on the rock on second and the scale changes haven't been added but will be in future versions.
Enough riff raff, though. Let's get into changes

- Added some goofy and wacky secrets to the map
- Changed the theme to be beach themed (some cliff walls are stupid bright so thats gotta be fixed)

- Made the doors on hut larger
//This opens a pretty nasty sightline from shutter, but it'll be fixed soon. This helps both sides of the hut chase out the other when trying to take mid.
- Raised up the concrete platform on the left
// It didn't make sense to have this lowground considering the routing changes made between Mid and Second, and + it makes this area a lot cleaner
- Removed small health from under
- Added small health + medium ammo to right
// Mostly for rollouts and so holding there is easier
- Simplified Geometry on right
// Mostly for the routing changes
Mid is way to small for my likeing, but this version is just to get the rough changes that are nessicary onto the map and go from there.

- Moved shutter closer to the center and made it not a shutter
// This is route is mostly the sneaky-esk route to easily get through toxic, although hypothetical it could be used for bombs/ubers
- Moved the boiler door closer to the left and made it a shutter
// I'm not sure if i'll keep this a shutter, but for now it blocks a sightline and acts as the main flank onto the point, letting you climb the rock to the point or run through the leftmost entrance on lobby.
- Merged shutter and boiler into one route
// Not sure what you could call it, but i'm sure people will think of something. If not, I can add a prop there.
- Turned Valley into a double choke
// This makes rollouts better and adds some much needed complexity to the route.
- Turned Valley -> 2nd into a door.
// Mostly here for sightline purposes and making other routes more appealing
Silent Second seems to have the problem of only having 1 viable door, so I definitley need to bulster up Shutter and Main(?) to compete with valley

- Moved the point to a more central location and changed the geometry to benefit this
// This will change the dynamic around point to be something better, and adds more utility to rock. This also encourages holds on Grey rather than near the metal area.
- Added a pipe to metal
// You can stand on top of it. Fun Fact: This may be going away in future versions so use it until you lose it.
- Changed Toxic to be shorter
- Added new Outdoors -> Toxic transition under metal
// No idea what to call this.
- Downgraded health on Grey from Medium -> Small
I'm excited to see how this new second plays out, and don't really see many problems. Maybe a little small in some areas.

- Added health to upper lobby
// Lobby was lacking health, making holds in it very difficult. This change aims to rectify that, although more health may be added in the future
- Updated Left to be Raised up and have both doors facing the same way
// Mostly to patch up a sightline and have it flow in to last more.
Lobby definitley isn't very interesting, so I might rework toxic/lower lobby to be more interesting and to give dropdown more utility

- Players can no longer go under the point
// This adds to distinct routes on the grass part of last, making it more interesting I feel.
- Added a fence to the point
// Everybody loves fences. This is just to block sightline.
- Left Side entrance now slopes down
// This is to make it easier for attackers to bust in and just makes this side more interesting.
- Added a Small Health to the Left
- Completely reworked the right
// I hated this building. It needed to go.
Overall, last is much better. It's probably the best part of the map, so i'm excited to see where it goes.

New Custom Assets Used
- Frontline Pack
- Zythe's OC Cutouts (Don't know how those got in there)