Silent a3


  1. Minor Bug Fixes

    Lem Mem
    Silent a3 Patch Notes
    Just some polish changes so that competitive tests aren't questionable. I also made a change to last because the point was, kindly put, ass. The house is a lot cooler and I like it more.I might put this on tftv soon, so keep a look out!


    - Clipping Changes

    - Choke is now brighter
    - Potassium


    - Grates on Second no longer have splash go through them

    - Made the door larger from lobby to concrete...
  2. Tropical (awesome)

    Lem Mem
    Silent a2 Patch Notes

    I finally finished parsing @d3adfin's feedback on the map, and it only took a little under 2 months!
    I haven't even implemented it all, things such as the ramp on the rock on second and the scale changes haven't been added but will be in future versions.
    Enough riff raff, though. Let's get into changes

    - Added some goofy and wacky secrets to the map
    - Changed the theme to be beach themed (some cliff walls are stupid bright...