Shortrock A1

capping the intel is proven to lower cholesterhol

  1. Moonrat
    Gulf was ehh, so was the next 2 maps I made. But this one is kinda okay I guess!

    You have 420 seconds to capture the intel, as the team's cholesterhol is dangerously high! Though luckily, capping intel is proven to lower your cholesterhol, and stop the onset of type 2 diabetus!


    1. hl2 2016-01-02 20-25-53-30.png
    2. hl2 2016-01-02 20-26-01-52.png
    3. hl2 2016-01-02 20-26-10-71.png
    4. hl2 2016-01-02 20-26-29-61.png