Shithole A7

It's shit and there is a hole.

  1. Alpha 7

    ALPHA 7 - the Contest Winner edition.

    - You can no longer build on top of the containers.
    - Some very minor detailing in preparation for detail pass.
    - Reduced the amount of "doorway soup".
    - You can no longer hide in the corners in the lower point area.
  2. Alpha 6 B

    Alpha 6 B.

    - Fixed some clipping errors.
    - Finally got the railings in the bases to stay non-solid.
    - Some very minor tweaks not worth mentioning.
  3. Alpha 6

    Alpha 6

    This is probably going to be the version I submit into the Back to Basics contest, unless something unforeseen happens. I watched a bunch of demos from A5 and didn't find anything that really warranted any major changes, the map doesn't play exactly like most King of the Hill maps but I am totally fine with that, not everything needs to be carbon copy of something and players seem to be having fun. Still, I did find some things that were worth changing.

    There is now a third spawn...
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  4. Alpha 5 C

    Alpha 5 C

    - A very important update. (Thanks Tyler)
  5. Alpha 5 B

    Alpha 5 B

    - Fixed a major exploit. (Thanks Yrrzy)
  6. Alpha 5

    Alpha 5.

    This should be the last update I make in a while, at this point there is nothing to tweak and I want to test version more than once so I have plenty of data and demos to watch so I know if there are any major changes that need to be made. Personally I think the map feels alright but you never know what happens when people start get to used to the map and discover new things they can do.

    Anyway, the only changes in this version are the very slight adjustment of spawn times, making...
  7. Alpha 4

    ALPHA 4

    - Added some textures, but not a whole lot.
    - Tweak the spawn times and cap time very slightly.
    - Made the bases brighter, you can now see things little bit better now.
    - Changed the ammo spawns on the lower level of mid, the medium ammo now spawns in the stairs to the upper level and the small ammo spawns in front of the lower point.
    - Moved some props around for better visibility when standing on the upper point, you can now see the snipers better and vice versa.
    - Still didn't...
  8. Alpha 3

    - Made the lower area below the point less cramped.
    - Added grates on the top part of the point, you can now see what you are jumping into when diving into the shithole.
    - Blocked off some broken sightlines.
    - Didn't remove the jarring health.