shipyard a8

a vertically oriented, small, port-themed KOTH map.

  1. final alpha update: putting this on the backburner for a while

    well this was fun

    for this update, I took some feedback from the last gameday this was played on, updated a few key locations that werent very clear with their purpose, expanded on the use of water by giving a flank route on each side of the map through underwater passages, applied some decals to hopefully better lead players to mid, amongst other minor changes
    layout.png 2015-11-14_00001.jpg 2015-11-14_00002.jpg 2015-11-14_00003.jpg 2015-11-14_00004.jpg ...
  2. layout overhaul

    overhauled bits of the layout, opened up most of the buildings, adding more rooms and loosening tight corridors. Also updated the boats to be real boats, fixed the CC packing.