Shigai a17b

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- Fixed the cp not being unlocked for i don't know what reason
  • Restored red route onto the overpass, now that other stuff has shifted around keen to see how it'll go
  • Clipped off some areas where you could get out of the map
  • Blocked a pixel sightline
  • Alpha 16 was an internal version
  • Reworked the entire beginning of the map
  • Shortened distance between points
  • Red now no longer has a forward spawn on A (their spawn is a bit closer to B and a few seconds faster)
  • Blu now has a forward spawn after capping A
Alpha 15
  • Added a new route for red from their forward spawn on B to the train bridge, with a window allowing a view over the point
  • Slightly reduced the distance from blu spawn to A
  • Reworked A-B connector
  • Added a new truck for cover for Blue coming out of the ground-level route to A
  • Added some pickups in the apartment
  • Added a new warning light for the blu side tracks
  • Redesigned Spawn-A connector
  • Removed a staircase at A
  • Added a new mini-route between A and B
  • Clipped stairs I missed
Alpha 12 - site revival edition

  • Widened tracks
  • Increased first CP cap time by 1 seconds
  • Added new ammo pickup at final
  • Blocked some sightlines
Alpha 9
  • Hopefully improved defense of 2nd point for red
  • Removed the route through red forward spawn for BLU to choke them more on B
  • After capturing A, dead red players now respawn
  • Repositioned an ammo pickup at A so engineers aren't discouraged from building on it
  • Lowered time BLU gains on capping A and B by 60s each
Alpha 8
  • Reworked A-B connector
  • Tweaked pickups
Alpha 7
  • Reworked B-C connector
  • Reworked blue spawn
  • Added a more defensive sentry area at A